Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mission - unsuccessful


Itz my  dream to work  in a 3 star hotel later to build one in the coastal areas of trichur district, preferably  in the banks  of kanoli  kanal back waters.

Although there  are hotels in this region,  but none  of them facing to such environments. I have  piece of land, little money and  financiers from  the gulf and Europe. What is need is the expertise. Once the hotel is built I should be  General Manager and MD.

My  father  late Mr.  V. C .  Krishnan the general manager of buhari group  of hotels had this dream. He could not do this. While he was on the chair,  I had been given  little  training in one of the leading 3 star hotels in Madras while I was a boy of  22  years. Those  days  I  did not stick  there  as my  plan was to mobilize some funds. Then I reached in the gulf countries.

Now my ambition  is to materialize the dream of my  late father. Some  people call my father as “buhari  Krishnan”.  He was mainly stationed at Colombo. There he was the General Manager  of  “Hotel de Buhari”. I have  spent my childhood there and I  have some memories of Colombo. I  shall  share it here.

While I  was about 5  years we  had  moved our  living place from Maradana to Mount  Pleasant. We were living in a villa just  behind Hotel de Buhari, but  that  area  was not  very  comfortable I suppose. The  place ‘Mount Pleasant” was a  posche  area.

There  we were living with one  uncle and  his 3  daughters. I remember  the face of only  “Tharamma chichi” now. I  had a tri-cyle and these  chechees used to push  it  for me. My uncle [her  father] had an office at the end of this housing colony. 

By 10 in the morning he will  have an orange juice  or  apple juice. The servant will  take it  there.  One day I  quarreled with  one of the  chichi and said  I  should carry the juice  to uncle.  They  were lauphing at me. How a small boy  can carry  this. But I  said  that I shall put in the back of my  cycle. Finally it had happened. They placed the juice in the back of my  cycle  and tharama chichi  pushed it upto the office  of her  father.

My father  used  to travel  to  England  and other European  countries and when ever  he comes  back he  will  get me good quality  of  toys, jeans like clothes etc.

My father  had an “Austin Cambride” car for daily  use which shuttles between Mount  Pleasant and Maradana.  In the evenings he  takes me and my chechi for outing  in his “Plymouth” car. He  was crazy buying such expensive luxury vehicles.i still remember  that  car has a music  horn  and I often play  that.

Once in a month he  takes us  to  Candy temple and his friend’s bungalow in the  green fields Tea estate. I  still remember like yesterday the life of  that bungalow I had in my little ages.

Comparing  to the city life this area is  very cold as it  is  a mountain like  area. Those  days this bungalow has a huge water heater powered with fire woods. The entire complex was given  hot  water with this huge plant.

The food served in this place was excellent. While my father serves Indian and continental food in  his place, the tea estate manager uncle make us  very  special food there. If it is fish and chicken in Colombo hotel  here in Candy the main food will be rabbit, deer etc.
In the evening all of us will sit in  lawn and have barbeq dinner. My  father  will  start the drink. Mostly he will have “stout” [dark beer]



ജെ പി വെട്ടിയാട്ടില്‍ said...

While I was about 5 years we had moved our living place from Maradana to Mount Pleasant. We were living in a villa just behind Hotel de Buhari, but that area was not very comfortable I suppose. The place ‘Mount Pleasant” was a posche area.

Sapna Anu B.George said...

Wonderful write up & pictures are great....keep the english blog pls.

habbysudhan said...

really really wonderful memories Prakashetaa...

rajamony said...

JP..really appreciate you for starting a new blog in English..Mission-unsuccessful and the memories of your life in candy, Colombo and about your father lat sri.VC Krishnan, General Manager("buhari Krishnan) of "Hotel de Buhari" and of "Tharamma chichi" of your tricycle, of the delicious food at the hotels in Colombo and Candy, the barbeque and the welcome drink of "stout"(dark beer).
.the narrations are excellent...
...but sorry to hear that your dreams of building a 3 star hotel in the coastal areas of trichur preferably in the banks of kanoli kanal didn't materialise..!!! It would have been a great project fulfilling your long cherished dreams..!!!

ബിലാത്തിപട്ടണം Muralee Mukundan said...

മധുര സ്മരണകൾ..