Wednesday, September 4, 2013

CRY of a glaucoma patient - ഒരു ഗ്ലോക്കോമ രോഗിയുടെ രോദനം


Nice meeting you dear friend this morning. As I could not  get the taxi from your help desk in the  hospital, I walked around the  streets of your  area, had coffe from one kiosk, purchased some medicines where I got 16%  discount on MRP. I should thank “prakash medicals” for their humanitarian service.

These days in India every where price hike.  So these people is an example to general public and other traders. I assume that they  work on a small margin and allocate a big share of their  profit to poor and needy human kind. Their service is excellent and let me pray for the health and long life the  people behind to this organization.

I have been using the eye drops “alfagan P” which is costing about rs 230/=, so this 16%  discount some thing to the  poor people like me. I bought some medicines for  my wife too from there.

I am a glaucoma patient since 25 years. My right eye had a surgery 25 years ago and the  vision and tension was very much controlled after the surgery. Now I am on a tour and made a sotp over at Coimbatore, tamil naadu.

After staying here I had irritation, redness and discomfort on the affected eye and I was with dr sathyan who  told me some repairs to be done of surgery done area. I was worried about the result. If any negative things happen I will loose my right eye vision. My left eye is OK so far. It is protected by eye drops.

Thank GOD I could see the world so far with my eyes with your grace. Kindly let me see the world till I die. Even the vision of one eye is becoming zero, let me survive with the vision of left eye. Let my doctors have the right diagnosis during my eye check up. This is my prayer.

“glaucoma is a dangerous eye disease” what is glaucoma = Glaucoma is the name for a group of diseases that can lead to damage of the eyes optic nerve and result in BLINDNESS.

Please read about more in glaucoma here in this link..

Let me remind sidharth about my  “part time job” in your establishment. I don’t mind even full time  provided two hours lunch break.

I am basically a “marketing guy” but I cannot work as a “hardcore” man. I can control team of sales force or independent   “office administration”.

I have worked 20 years with the largest “office equipment, stationery, furniture and graphic dealers” in the world. That was at “muscat, sultanate of oman”. This kind of establishment is the only one and unique. The entire office supplies including office furniture and printing press is attached with this organization.

I could work there for long 20 years. I had voluntary retirement for the higher education of my children. Such a novel and beautiful job – I had to leave at my own choice.

As I could not get professional qualification in my  childhood, I thought and taken an oath that I should give maximum education to my two children. Finally I could materialize my dream. Both of them got admission in the engineering college on “merit” level.

Thank god my son is a professional engineer with masters degree business management – Btech  MBA and daughter became an architect Barch MBA.

Although leaving my job from gulf was not a good measure, but I did it as my presence in the home of my village was necessary to support and take care of them.

My parents were rich but I could not understand even now why they did not take care of higher studies. [both them not on this earth now]. My father was  a rich man, general manager of group  of hotels spread in India and Sree Lanka. He  made too much cash money. But he had no time  to take care of the education of his children.

I remember even now his business friends and colleagues sent their children to UK, Australia etc. now they are in better positions than me. I think my mother did  not want we both children stay with  our  dadd at Colombo.


My mother was a  school teacher and she wanted to stay back in Kerala. I  remember my childhood in Colombo and I have very sweet remembrance of that part  of the world. Tram Cars, Double Dekker bus, beautiful  streets, shops etc. now I am 65 and my childhood in Colombo was there about 60 years  ago.

Those days Colombo  was a heaven in the earth. We poor brothers could not  get educated due to the “cold strike” between our parents. Although the situations  were like that, thank God we both brothers had a fantastic life so  far.

I could travel world wide and enjoyed my  life and 20 years stay  in Gulf with my wife and  two children. My brother  V. K.  Sreeraman has become a famous film actor, TV presenter and anchor, good author and orator. I am really proud of my brother. His latest film is “praanchiyettan”

While  walking through  the streets of “sowripalayam” and pondering my memories of my childhood in  Colombo,I  got into the  #1C bus and reached in ‘olympus’ stop of Ramanathapuram – Coimbatore.

I was happy this morning after my visit with yr uncle dr sathyan who looks after my “glaucoma affected eye”. He said no immediate surgery for me. I was happy and this day is my happy day. Felt like having  a ‘chilled foster beer’ -  but the area I  live “puliayakuam – Olympus” I could not find a good bar or pub.

Even now “while I process this letter” I am feeling to have a beer just enjoy my day. But no way to have. Of course it is available. All leading hotels are at Gandhipuram area which is  7 km ahead. No way to go there as no easy  transportation. Buses are overloaded always. The ordinary man’s vehicle of “autorikshaw” pretty expensive here.

While in Trichur, Kerala rs 15/= for about 2 km. but here in Coimbatore minimum fare is rs. 50/ and if I travel 2 km I should  pay some thing like rs. 70 or 80/-. Thatz d life here, so better forget  about ‘the chilled beer’

So cheers…!!! My dear sidharth. I wrote many things which might  not  be to your interest.  Please do send me the  “brochure” of your commercial firm. Let me see what  I can do with  that. Either go  for a domestic unit to my home back  in kerala or promote  your  product in my village and the  places I worked around the globe.

Let me remind you once again for my  “part time job” in either your  hospital or factory.
Wish you a wonderful day my dear sidharth.

Cheers once  again and wish you good luck.

Let me take this opportunity to thank my trichur home town eye doctor anup chirayath referring me to Dr Sathyan who is one of the most expert glaucoma surgeon in Coimbatore.


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While walking through the streets of “sowripalayam” and pondering my memories of my childhood in Colombo,I got into the #1C bus and reached in ‘olympus’ stop of Ramanathapuram – Coimbatore.

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Thank you.
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very story...and informative too of the glaucoma patients....and appreciate the medical shop owner who sells the medicines @ prices at a moderate rate...affordable by common people.....!

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